New to DIY Beauty?

Welcome to Native Glow! Whether you're seeking a lifestyle change, ridding your cabinets of toxic chemicals, or looking to save money, you've come to the right place!

Baby Steps

It's easy to become overwhelmed with an influx of information and recipe ideas, so take it slow. We recommend starting off with a few simple recipes, such as Coconut Deodorant, Chapstick, Homemade Cleaner, and Liquid Hand Soap. These recipes will kickstart your new, natural lifestyle and then you can proceed from there.

Start-Up Costs

We're not going to lie...the initial costs can be significant, but you should look at these purchases as investments as many of these ingredients will last you a long time. For example, essential oils can last upwards of 10 years, which proves why it's important to buy quality. You can find great deals on Amazon, especially if you buy in bulk. We promise, you will save money in the long run...and your body & the environment will thank you.

Stock your cabinets with the Top 10 Start-Up Ingredients for DIY Beauty!

Patience is a Virtue

Perhaps you've arrived at Native Glow with hopes to cure your acne, improve your dandruff, or detox the body? You'll find many recipes on Native Glow that will help your situation, but just know that it will not happen overnight. Stick with a natural DIY beauty regime for a few months and you should see improvements.