Recipes in Face - Toner:
Perfect for oily skin! Witch hazel acts as a gentle astringent in this recipe - while the ACV restores the skin's natural pH balance. Tea Tree is a great essential oil to treat acne.
By: jcat | Difficulty: 1/10 | Category: Face - Toner |
Rose water is a natural, mild astringent, and can remove excess oil from the skin. This wonderful toner should become part of your everyday beauty ritual.
By: smithkiley37 | Difficulty: 4/10 | Category: Face - Toner |
A refreshing sea salt spray that firms the face and treats acne. Not only is sea salt full of nutrients that are great for the face, but sea salt is also an astringent & antibacterial.
By: leetice | Difficulty: 2/10 | Category: Face - Toner |