Recipes in Baby - Diaper:
Commercial baby wipes are loaded with toxins that are terrible for our children, so start making your own wipes with these natural ingredients.
By: leetice | Difficulty: 2/10 | Category: Baby - Diaper |
STOP USING TOXIC COMMERCIAL BABY POWDER! This stuff is terrible for our babies. Rather, try out this talc-free, 100% natural baby powder recipe. The calendula/chamomile flowers are very calming to the skin.
By: cali231 | Difficulty: 2/10 | Category: Baby - Diaper |
A homemade diaper rash cream that's safe for cloth diapers! The combination of zinc oxide and bentonite clay create a great barrier for our baby's bums!
By: jillianfaron | Difficulty: 4/10 | Category: Baby - Diaper |