Recipes in Hair - Shampoo:
Your dog will be smelling nice & fresh with this all-natural shampoo. Plus, apple cider vinegar is a natural flea repellent!
By: jillianfaron | Difficulty: 1/10 | Category: Hair - Shampoo |
Baking Soda is an excellent way to clean your hair! It naturally strips oil, softens hair, and removes toxic build up.
By: naturaldiva | Difficulty: 1/10 | Category: Hair - Shampoo |
Want to avoid the harness chemical in shampoos? Try this no-poo method which uses Coconut Milk as the main ingredient.
By: mathcore | Difficulty: 3/10 | Category: Hair - Shampoo |
Don't have time to take a shower? Brush on this super simple dry-shampoo and your hair will look perfectly clean and oil-free.
By: | Difficulty: 2/10 | Category: Hair - Shampoo |